Tuna pie


Dough: grate the frozen butter (230 grams) and mix quickly with flour, add 1 tsp of flax seed. Add to the mixture 2 egg yolks, 2 tbsp. cold water and ½ tsp. salt. All quickly mix and distribute the dough uniformly in baking mold (diameter appr. 26 cm). Do holes in the dough with a fork and put it in the freezer for an hour.
Tuna: tuna fillet (200-250 grams) cut into medium pieces and mix with lime juice, 2 tbsp. olive oil, a pinch of salt and black pepper. Leave to marinate for 1 hour.
Vegetables: fry finely chopped onion (1 piece), add to onion the finely chopped bell pepper (1 piece) and broccoli (200 grams). Fry for 1-2 minutes, after  add 150 ml. white wine, salt, black pepper. Stew for 1-2 minutes.
Sauce: mix grated cheese (250 grams), 2 eggs, and heavy cream (150 grams) and cream (50 grams).

Take  the dough from the refrigerator and bake in a preheated oven at 400F for 20 minutes. Take the dough out of the oven, spread the fish, stewed vegetables, blue cheese  (100 grams), capers (10 pcs.)  and pour the sauce over it, bake at 400F for 10-15 minutes.